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2013 Sani Peyarchi Palangal for Rishaba Rasi (Taurus Sign):

The Shani comes out of its retrograde position on May 7th, 2013. For the Rishaba Rasi peoples, the Shani owns the 9th and 10th houses. The 9th house is considered to be highly beneficial and 10th house is considered to be a neutral house. The Shani is placed in the Thula rasi, which happens to be the 6th house for the Rishaba rasi. Both the Rishaba and Thula Rasi’s are owned by the Sukra. Both the Shani and the Sukra treats each other as their friends. 

The Shani gets exalted in the Thula Rasi. But the Thula Rasi happens to be the most malefic 6th house for the Rishaba Rasi. Thus the Shani would deliver mixed results out of its Shani Peyarchi for the Rishaba rasi natives during the year 2013. Let us analyze the effects of Sani Peyarchi on the Mesha Rasi peoples in the Year 2013.

May 7th to September 13th (2013):

The Rishaba Rasi natives would enjoy happier moments with their relatives and family members despite having differences with them. The Rishaba Rasi are likely to enjoy strong benefits on their Profession. Some of the Rishaba rasi natives would experience strong ties and benefits from their father. The Rishaba Rasi would involve in spiritual and social activities despite facing some opposition or criticism.

September 13th to October 7th (2013):

The Rishaba Rasi would further strengthen their position on their career overcoming all the hurdles. Barring few obstacles, this period would deliver wonderful results on their career. The Rishaba Rasi would also develop strong ties with their family members and the relatives setting aside all the differences. The Rishaba would involve themselves more on spiritual and social issues.

October 7th to October 24th (2013):

The Rishaba Rasi are likely to face few hurdles in the Profession; but there may not be any major problems too. The Rishaba Rasi would experience a normal relationship with their family members and their relatives. There may not be any major changes likely during this period.

October 24th to November 5th (2013):

The Shani gets eclipsed on 24th October 2013. This position would make the Shani powerless. The Rishaba rasi would feel slowdown on their profession; their planning may not materialize; they could feel some stagnation on their business matters. The Rishaba Rasi would experience a vacuum on their ties their family members and their relatives. The Rishaba Rasi may not be able to fulfil their social or spiritual obligations.

November 5th to November 24th (2013):

The Rishaba Rasi are likely to get negative results on their Profession during this period. They must avoid taking important decision that pertains to their career/business. The Rishaba Rasi must be alert on all issues that concern their family and relatives; because some misconceived actions would create greater misunderstandings.

November 24th to December 4th (2013):

On November 24th, the Saturn rises in the east. This would bring in some partial relief to the Rishaba rasi peoples. But the Rishaba Rasi would feel that their slowdown is not completely reversed both in their career and also on their personal relationships.

December 4th to December 31st (2013):

The slowdown gets completely reversed for the Rishaba rasi peoples on their career/business. They start to enjoy more growth and profits coming through their profession. The Rishaba Rasi would experience improved ties with their relatives and also with their family members. The Rishaba would involve themselves actively both in social and spiritual activities.


1. Please understand that the Shani Peyarchi results should be read in close coordination with your Mahadasa results.

2. If you are passing through favourable Mahadasa periods, the negative inputs in these Shani Peyarchi predictions will not bring in more damages.

3. If you are passing through any unfavourable Mahadasa periods, then the negative inputs in the Shani Peyarchi predictions could add to the existing pressures.

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